Christian Sinibaldi for the Guardian

Banksy is back people!

We’ve always loved his complex, powerful images that usually comment on social and political issues of the world. His latest piece appeared on Saturday on the wall of the French embassy in London. It recreates the iconic poster for musical Les Miserables, featuring one of the main characters, Cosette. Banksy’s Cosette appears with tears in her eyes as CS gas billows towards her.

Unlike any of his previous works, this one features a QR code, which when scanned reveals an online video of a police raid on the refugee camps in Calais. Banksy here, is not only criticizing the ways the EU has treated refugees so far, he is also giving people the chance to witness how exactly refugees are being treated!

For us who can’t scan the QR code, here’s the video of the police raid below


Image: Daniel Freytag (@FRYTG)


Image: Rex Features via AP IMAGES