by Anna Randal

Cinta Vidal is an artist with a lot of imagination and skill. Her passion for paintings started a long time ago and since she was a teenager she studies and works in artistic environments.

Her love about scenography due to her many years of experience working with sets, resulted to a series of magnificent murals and set props, painted for theater plays and shows.

Below you can check out some of her most impressive backdrops and murals, as well as some of her paintings.

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“Otelo” by Verdi. Festival de Perelada. 2015 – Collaboration with Taller de Escenografia Castells SCP. in Santa Agnès de Malanyanes.
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Gran Via. Madrid. 2009 – Collaboration with Taller de Escenografia Castells S. C. P. in Santa Agnès de Malanyanes.

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Mural in Guzzo. Barcelona. 2015 – Permanent collection – “INNER LANDSCAPES” Chap.2

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