Tunga, Lucido nigredo et son ombre intra, 2001, mixed media (bronze, iron, glass, magnets) Tunga, Beauty and the beast, 2002-2003, cast bronze and copper magnets Tunga, Elective affinities, 2005 Tunga, A la lumière des deux mondes (In the light of both worlds), 2005, steel timber, bronze, gold and resin, Musée du Louvre Tunga, Balaganda, 2008, silver, steel timber and resin Tunga, Pin up down too, 2007, melted brass aluminum, steel electrical cable, epoxy resin Tunga, Untitled, 1999-2008, cast glass magnet, steel wire, rubber Tunga, Beauty and the beast, 2000-2001, cast iron, iron, magnets, iron fillings and leather Tunga, Eye for an eye, 2005, plated bronze with iron stands Tunga, Untitled, 2008-2010, sculpture, iron anisotropic ferrite, quartz crystal Tunga, Untitled, 2008-2010, steel, iron, glass, epoxy resin, silicon quartz crystal, anisotropic ferrite Tunga, Madame Sade's Jewels, 1983-2011, bronze Tunga, Bell's fall, 1998, installation, wooden cross, nets, blown glass, sea sponges and mixed media Tunga, Madame Sade's Jewels, 2010, epoxy resin Tunga, Cooking crystals, 2006-2009, iron, steel, crystal, magnets, brown matter, yellow liquid and glass

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