Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Bruno Walpoth is a sculptor, well-known for his exceptionally realistic works. Silent yet powerful and expressive, Walpoth sculptures look like wooden metaphors of an unreal dimension where everything has been stuck in time and has been left with a vague feeling of existence.

Working with lime wood or lead leaf foils, the artist creates realistic human figures, sad and disappointed, unable to regain the life that has been removed out of them. Walpoth’s figures seem to have accepted and embrace their passive lives though, standing as solid reminders of feelings and emotions and of course, the perfect, detailed work Walpoth is capable of.

These wooden works exist as a praise to the artist’s skills and spiritual objects of another reality, that tempt the viewer to connect with them and their piercing gaze.




chiara Don't-touch-me!---nut-wood---58x50x42---2013 hermaphrodite im-schnee im-schnee2 laura-non-ce-2014 mateo Nostalgia-d'estate_l ruth Sehnsucht-_2_rgb