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What’s the next big buy you’re going to make? A phone? A TV? Maybe a car?

Well a very lucky -and rich, person’s answer could be “a village”, as Valle Piola, a medieval village in Italy, is for sale for the price of a modest flat in London.

Valle Piola is located in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. It is a beautiful picturesque site, with houses made out of stone and breathtaking natural beauty. Most of its buildings date back to 1800, while three other buildings are even older. Its church is decorated with beautiful murals and some of its houses include beautiful wooden verandas.

During the 13th century Valle Piola served as a meeting center and hideout for armed brigands, as its position amongst the mountains made it ideal for such purposes. It is a village that, during World War II’, hided fighters against the occupying German forces. It was connected to the local electrical grid in 1955 and to a telephone line ten years after. Since 1977 Valle Piola is deserted.

If you’re thinking of moving in, keep in mind that its beautiful location can offer peace and tranquility, while as a possible resident you would never get enough off its breathtaking view.

Valle Piola has 15 buildings, and it’s only about an hour away from the closest airport. It is on sale for 550,000 euros.

via telegraph

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