Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

“Oh, the humanity!”, we have all exclaimed from time to time, when, walking unsuspectingly down the street, we are faced with fashion’s most absurd and heart-breaking footwear trends. I mean, let’s face it, insanely pointy shoes are acceptable only if one lives in fictional Agrabah and goes around carrying a magical oil lamp, and Converse with heels just do not make sense.

However, if weird and somewhat disturbing is what you’re looking for, then look no further, because here comes the king of tackiness when it comes to shoes and it is no other than the golden combination of sandal and cowboy boot. These bizarre creations are a courtesy of Missourian, Scotty Franklin who, for just $50, undertakes the dreaded task of turning a normal pair of cowboy boots, into-well, whatever these might be. Why, you ask? Well, we will let you ponder on that, as you look at the following pictures.

via dangerousminds

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