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9 to 5 is a very popular song by country singer, icon and megastar, Ms. Dolly Parton. It is also a reality for many people who actually work from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, have a steady salary that takes care of their responsibilities and are building a safe and secure environment for their future.
Now while this is a reality to many, there are some people who simply cannot live for and off their works. As confusing as this sounds, take a look at the list below and see for yourselves why the creative souls of this earth would rather not pay the rent than work a 9 to 5 job:

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1. Too Much Structure

Structure is something an artist avoids the way a person on diet avoids sugar. Especially if the sugar comes from the neighbor’s jar.
Never try and put an artist’s life -or work, in order. He doesn’t want it in order, if he did he wouldn’t be an artist, leave him be, thank you very much.


2. Little To No Flexibility
You have the budget for resources, they have the creative mind, and you better leave it at that!
Creative professionals are in charge of their work the same way they’re in charge of their lives. Just tell them what you need and when you need it, let them get inspired and just lean back and watch them while they surprise you with the awesome creations they’re gonna come up with.
If you’re lucky and they’re in a good mood –and of course if you haven’t pissed them off till then, they might even provide you with many options for you to choose.


3. Creatives Need To Work At Their Own Pace
You know what it’s like when your boss tells you that you need to have it ready by Monday. Well that doesn’t work for a creative!
An artist needs to work whenever and however he or she decides it is right for the job. So don’t ever pressure an artist, because they will explode and not in a creative way, like on a canvas or something, and the object of their rage is going to be you.
What they need from their clients is to trust them that the project is going to be completed within the specific timeframe they agreed upon, and that the outcome is going to be what they expected. If they can’t live with that, they can move aside as there is a big line on potential clients waiting on their talent.


4. Creatives Crave Autonomy
Apart from time they also need space.
Give them all the requirements for what needs to happen, wish them luck and don’t see them again until the project is finished.
Even if they need help at some point, they will either meditate on it or google it, so don’t bother even thinking about asking about the progress of the project.

5. Their Motivation Can’t Be Held To A Certain Time Of Day
It’s like when you wake up at night and rush to the fridge. A creative is not in control of their motivation the same way you are not in control of your cravings.
Just because you get work done during the day just cause you have to, that doesn’t mean everybody –especially creatives, get motivated the same way. After inspiration and interest come to them, the work will start taking a certain form, firstly in their minds and then hopefully on their hands.


6. Routines Don’t Make Sense To Them
Apart from being boring, routines also limit the experiences and stimulants a creative can get.
Doing the same thing every day not only drives them crazy, but it also blocks their creativity. Creative people want to do different and many things during the day, if and when they feel like doing them. That doesn’t mean that they’re irresponsible, as when they commit to a project they carry it out.


7. Most Creatives Prefer To Work In Non-Traditional Industries
After all these arguments above, I believe this is the most obvious one.
Don’t expect to see a creative person trying to find a solution for a potential problem with your bank account nor answer your customer service call, as an office is not an ideal environment for a creative. Conventional work environments get them frustrated and confused, and they’re out the door the moment they have to do something in somebody else’s way.
Creative people need comfortable and functional spaces that fit their needs and allow them to focus and work on their own time.


Well you guessed right! Working 9 to 5 is not a way to make a living for creative creatures.