Mickael Jou is a Berlin based dancer and photographer, who gave another meaning to the 365 days selfie challenge. In his 365 Photos series he combines his two passions by taking photos of himself dancing in the street, at the supermarket, at the beach and even inside museums.
According to the artist, his inspiration for the project came after he saw the pictures some tourists took of him dancing in the streets of Paris. After spending time walking around the Louvre in Paris, he got inspired and bought himself a camera. The self-taught photographer says he spent a lot of time learning all the features of his newly bought camera and timing his dance moves to coincide with the shutter speed.
His self-portrait project might be titled 365 Photos but it is a time consuming process and he’s only half way there. “I’ve spent three years working on this 365 photo project and it will probably take another three years to finish it”, says Mickael Jou.

via designfather


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