Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

For all of you miniature and remote-controlled toy enthusiasts, here comes a new gadget, that is minuscule in size, but huge in fun-levels. The world’s smallest quadcopter at only four by four centimeters, SKEYE Nano Drone was created by Dutch gadget-makers TRNDlabs. This tiny flying toy has a range of 50 feet, three available modes: beginners, advanced and expert, as well as built-in LEDs, so that it can be spotted even in low-light conditions.

Able to execute precision controlled exercises, flips and banked turns, while at the same time being so small that it can sit on one’s thumb, TRNDlabs’ miniature drone only needs two “AAA” batteries and can be found on sale at The Next Web for $34.99.

nano-drone-02 nano-drone-03  nano-drone-01