This dad took the jungle gym formula and brought it to a new level with his all-in-one dinosaur playground


On May 6th, Cosman shared a step-by-step guide of how he built a playground for the kids. However, instead of taking the traditional route of building a boring jungle gym with a boring hut, a boring slide, and a boring set of boring swings, he went all out in designing and building an entire dinosaur-themed playground.

A variety of materials went into building the dinosaur, including structural steel and wood, foam, chicken wire, carbon integrated into the fiberglass and epoxy, kevlar, various paints, and ceramic fillers, as well as a number of many other components, whether functional, structural, or aesthetic. Fun fact: 24,000 pounds of concrete was used for the footing so that the dinosaur doesn’t tip over.


Video credits: mvcosman

Image credits: thecauseman