Minneapolis based artist and designer John Foster, exhibited in Paris, Abu dhabi, Los Angeles and Minneapolis has created an amazing series of
tables that reacts by sparkle when the sunlight passes through them.
When this happens, the tables splits the sunlight into hundreds of rainbow reflections surrounding the room, creating an amazing visual effect.

The artist say about his work

”My work embraces a wide variety of formal and situational strategies, and employs a range of materials and techniques that include rubber casting, plastic fabrication, digital imaging, painting, and photography.
I create art that explores how we relate to objects and architecture, and am fascinated by the geometry of our universe, the forces that shape our minds, bodies, and experience.
I want my art to influence our experience, so I use materials that we most intimately relate to, such as silicone, acrylic, and textiles. I embrace chance, and allow the experiential aspects of my work to inform the compositions of prints, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and utilitarian objects. ”

sparkle-tables-by-john-foster-1 sparkle-tables-by-john-foster-8 sparkle-tables-by-john-foster-3 sparkle-tables-by-john-foster-2 sparkle-tables-by-john-foster-10


JOHN FOSTER is available for private consultations, commissions, and gallery showings. You can contact him at [email protected]

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