“In 1990 photographer Peter Thorpe made a Christmas card featuring his rescue terrier Paddy. This was to be the first of many over the next 25 years… 2 dogs, 3 children and over 20 Christmas’s later, making these cards has become something of a family tradition and a lovely record to treasure.”

These adorable images come from photographer Peter Thorpe who for over 25 years has been capturing the cutest Christmas cards, starring his two dogs! “The fun for me, has been choosing to continue to create these traditionally rather than with Photoshop, by making my own sets and props and using a fair bit of food bribery,” he explains. Lovely!

Snappy Christmas 2014

'little nipper'

out takes x 3

Little Raggle Red Breast 2013


behind the scenes set up

Bark Humbug 2012

'Bah Humbug' 2012

Penguin in Peril 2011

Penguin 2011

While Shepherds Watched 2010

Sheep dog 2010

Dog roast 2009 

Dog Roast 2009

Dogkey 2007

Dogkey 2007

Follow Yonder Star 2006

Cameldog 2006

Paddy – Choirboy 2001

Choirboy 2001

Tree Topper 2000

Fairy 2000

lights camera action 1999

Lights camera action 1999

Pigdog 1994


Pigdog 1994

Bouncers 1993

Bouncers 1993

Rudolf 1990

Rudolph 1990