Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Attention my reader! Sit tight cause Navid Baraty’s project WANDER Space Probe is about to blow your mind!

Check the images below and tell me what you see! Beautiful photographs from the space with stars and planets? Wrong answer! The images below are scans of various household items, in positions that create this exact illusion, that you’re looking at photographs of the universe!

Baraty uses ingredients like baking soda, sugar and cinnamon and places them as his distant stars and nebulas, while glasses containing milk, water and food coloring are the planets. As soon as everything is in position, he hits the scan button and captures -or should I say blasts, this alignment or as the photographer describes it, “Cosmic explorations of an imaginary space probe”.

via thisiscolossal

wander-space-probe-1 wander-space-probe-2 wander-space-probe-3 wander-space-probe-4 wander-space-probe-5 wander-space-probe-6 wander-space-probe-7