Fann Mountains, Sughd, Tajikistan. Oleg Grigoryev is a Russian photographer, who travels around the world and captures its versatile beauty. “Morning Views From the Tent“ is his recent project, which features series of pictures taken, as the title presumes, the first thing in the morning from his tent.

The series document Oleg’s trip to the Fann Mountains. It took him more than a week to climb to the top: Chimtarga is the highest peak (4700 m; 15 419 ft) in the whole mountain range. Besides mountainous views, numerous lakes are found here. Often Oleg had settled his camp on the shores of them.

Why to go there?

Fann Mountains are a wonderful place to admire the views and not too hard to hike.

When to go there?

From May or June through October – the weather

is mild and pleasant to enjoy the trip.

How to get there?

It is advisable to get to Dushanbe by plane and arrange a transfer by a travel agency, that will take care of taking you to the best destination. Trekking tours are also available.

Fann Mountains

Lake Alaudin

Fann Mountains

Muddy Lake

Mirali Peak

Kulikalon Lake


Oleg Grigoryev