According to her website Beth Hoeckel is a multidisciplinary artist from Baltimore Maryland USA. After graduating from Carver Center for Arts & Technology, she earned a merit scholarship to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At SAIC she studied Painting/Drawing, Photography, and Printmaking and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. A whirlwind decade was subsequently spent abroad including two years living in New York and four in Los Angeles. Beth is currently a full-time artist creating collages, mixed media paintings, and more and in Baltimore city.

We love her work and we present you our top 20 favourite artworks of her work.

081113_The-Art-of-Collage_3-919x1200 5509664747_b2d9fbbdeb_b 20110108054646_RELENTLESS_CORRIDORS_SHOP_FINAL beth-hoeckel-pascromag-design-grafikdesign-kunst-art-graphic-design-collage-art-of-collage-collagieren-magazin-magazine-fotografie-photography-1 beth-hoeckel-pascromag-design-grafikdesign-kunst-art-graphic-design-collage-art-of-collage-collagieren-magazin-magazine-fotografie-photography-7 Beth-Hoeckel1 Beth-Hoeckel2 Beth-Hoeckel9 bethhoeckel_snooze bethhoeckel_someoneelse Bethhoeckel2 BH0101 SCAN BH0103 SCAN face-to-face-by-beth-hoeckel-1363600631_org the-end-of-the-summer1 tumblr_l27r8nxHgv1qzychso1_1280 tumblr_lspqm4hss61qmnmjno1_12801 tumblr_lwpm7gjrjL1qbcporo1_1280 tumblr_n04a7qqDN91rs1gaeo1_1280

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