The old familiar season is upon us. No, it’s not Christmas yet. We are referring of course to, wedding season. So you better be ready, because your news feed is about to be bombarded by corny quotes about eternal love, painfully unimaginative wedding portraits, cliché invitations, etc, etc.

While we don’t want to seem mean, there is one thing that comes out of weddings. (With the exception of eternal love, the continuation of humankind and all that). Weird, funny, and awkward stories. You know what we mean. Distant relations with an obvious liking towards alchohol. Uncles with an obvious liking towards brides mates. Future in-laws that don’t get along. Awkward, funny little accidents. The list goes on and on.

Well to honor this particular season, Jimmy Fallon, of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, asked his followers to share with him, funny or weird stories from a wedding they once attended.

Check out some of the best responses!