Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Giorgio Cravero is an Italian artist, based in Turin. After graduating the department of Visual Communication at the European Institute of Design, he started working as a photographer. At first he focused on photographing architecture and still life, experimenting with both traditional photography and new media. Through his work he tries to explore the relation between objects and space, while he uses light and shadows to highlight the shape of the materials.
During these past years, Cravero has been focused on food and beverage, their forms and existence. In his latest project, Colors, the artist tells the story of how mankind’s actions have affected the life of other living organisms of Earth. According to him, men are poison and through this series of photographs he brilliantly portrays the decay they have brought upon fruit and vegetables, something he believes will lead to people’s destruction.
The chemical color that pours from the natural objects represents the evolution of mankind, as our lives depend on the earth’s flora, which is in constant danger. Gravero sees his work as a depiction of men’s arrogance and ignorance and how their dominance on this planet is killing their chance at survival. “Here, in that cabbage which was sadly left to its fate, lies all the tragic meaning of our smallness and of our short memory, because we should have stayed there, close and loyal to the Earth, we should have stayed humble,” the artist says.
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