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Every modern individual that has watched even one episode of the show “Bachelorette”, can readily provide us with a general definition of the term, that will no doubt involve something along the lines of wild partying, overt sexuality and scantily clad young ladies of an intimidating physique. However, in a 1950s article of LIFE magazine, the term ‘bachelor girl’, as it was then called, was presented as something entirely different.

Peggy Cross, the feature’s 21-year-old bachelorette was far from anything the modern term entails, as having already found her husband-to-be she was caught in nothing but preparations for her upcoming marriage. In the pictures, Peggy is captured in all the preparations of a 1950s’ bachelor girl: collecting all the necessities of a housewife, sporting her wedding gown and shopping with her betrothed. Safe to say that, were she to come upon today’s depiction of a bachelorette in the homonymous reality show she would undoubtedly get very puzzled.

via time

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