He Incredibly Managed to Save his 15ft Snake! Also His Cat Marvelously Survived.


When we posted this piece (53 Quarantines Worse Than Yours) we asked our readers, to share with us, if they had any bad luck during these difficult times. We expected many people sharing some minor bad luck like “I didn’t find any toilet paper”, “My favorite BBQ sauce bottle fell and shattered into pieces”, “I planned a trip and I had to cancel”. But we didn’t expect this…

Mrs. Krysten Butler, shared her father’s story in the comment section.

Her father, Mr. Scott Burke, was walking his dog, this past Saturday. Everything was going smoothly until he returned to the house he lived in, for the last 10 years. It was in flames. As you will make out from the pictures below, the fire completely destroyed everything inside. The most, heartbreaking; his wife’s ashes were lost as well.

It is difficult to imagine “worse luck” than a misfortune such as this. Even in normal times, rebuilding your life after such an event seems like a herculean task. But during these times? The word impossible comes to mind…

That is why, his daughter, Krysten Butler started a donation campaign on Facebook. If you would like to make a donation, you can, following this link.



You can also read his daughter, explain this sad story.

“On Saturday night my father, Scott Burke left his house to go walk his dog, when he came home his house was in flames. He tried to get inside to save his cat and 15 ft snake but the fire pushed him back. He grabbed a hose and called the fire department.

The fire department arrived and was able to put out the fire but it swept through his entire house and he lost everything, including my mom’s ashes. But we are so fortunate because he was able to run inside and rescue his snake, Rebekah.

The next morning we returned to meet with the fire marshal and we took these pictures. We assumed that his cat, Loki was lost in the fire but we actually found him tucked away hiding in a crawlspace in the ceiling. All of the animals are okay, we are so lucky.

The 15 ft snake is currently living in my bathroom because she lost her enclosure and she is too large to put anywhere else. My dad, Scott Burke is a veteran, widowed, single father and he lost everything.

His house was always open to anyone who needed help, either it be human or animal, he was always there to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. We’ve been struggling to reach out to normal relief programs right now because of the state shutdown and any help is appreciated. Thank you so much.”