Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Despite a certain fantastical northern clan’s repeated and urgent statements, winter is not coming, people. It is, in fact, indisputably true that summer is the one that has come at last, and that means one thing: bathing suit season. Be it in a pool in the city or at an idyllic beach somewhere far from it, swimming and sunbathing are, for a big number of people, the quintessence of summer, which, in turn, makes swimming suit hunting a pretty big deal around this time. So,to all of you changing from bikini to bikini in a frantic state, here comes a series to lift your spirits and soothe your aching hearts.

In a photo shoot taking place in Malibu, a number of everyday women from BuzzFeed were photographed, recreating pictures from the Victoria Secret’s swimsuit catalogue. The women, of different body types one encounters in everyday life, were captured wearing the bathing suits pictured in the photographs, as well as faithfully coping the poses of the models, in an attempt to show what the garments featured actually look like on the average woman and how that in no way lessens the girls’ or the bathing suits’ beauty and style. All the girls admitted to having loved the experience, one of them characteristically saying, “Having airbrushed skin and zero fat doesn’t make you beautiful, having confidence and radiating that confidence makes you beautiful — ‘flaws’ and all.”