Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Have you ever thought about what famous brands would look like if they were insects? Probably not, as it is a rather weird thing to ponder at. However, in the case of Kickatomic Creatives, a Kuala Lumpur-based graphic design agency, the idea was not only considered, but also realized in a series of graphical illustrations. #IfBrandsWereInsects captures the characteristics of famous brands’, such as Ray Ban, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Red Bull, among others, and manages to apply them in the designs of the unexpectedly iconic “crawlies”, as the designers like to call them.

The Malaysian agency’s creative director states characteristically, “We did it as sort-of a jab at the branding world. Like, we were wondering how it would feel like if these multi million dollar companies were mere insects? Would they still hold so much power in the world? Would they be a certain kind of bug that held a certain kind of position in the food chain? It all started from there.” 

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