The Little Mermaid

Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

What happens when traditional Korean dress styles and anime techniques meet beloved classical fairytale characters? Well, the answer is: something very interesting and aesthetically pleasing and it goes by the name of “Fairytales”. This beautiful series of illustrations by Korean artist Nayoung Wooh, also known as “Obsidian“, definitely has this “east meets west” thing going on and it is mightily working.

Even though our favorite Disney princesses look nothing like what we are used to, draped in the historical Korean gown, hanbok, and sporting traditional long raven braids in traditional Korean hairdos, one can still easily tell their identities in this series of very contrasting, yet harmoniously blending elements.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Little Red Riding Hood


Beauty and the Beast

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The Snow Queen/The Wild Swans


The Frog Prince


Snow White