by Craig Davies

Alex Solis has done something we’ve all thought about but never dared to put into images, in his new series Icons Unmasked. The brilliant artist comments on the obvious -or not, resemblance between two animated characters by portraying that one is hidden behind the other.

Famous characters of pop culture are unmasked in a fun game of identities and we’re shocked to find out that all this time one of Star Wars’ troopers was an undercover minion and that the evil Mister Burns is really the one controlling famous billionaire, politician-wannabe Donald Trump. Solis has turned his witty images into a book which is available on Kickstarter.

“In Icons Unmasked, I’m trying to bring a new sense of discovery to characters everyone has seen hundreds of times. I wanted to recreate the experience of what it might be like to see one iconic character from your childhood for the first time as an adult,” he explains on his Kickstarter campaign page.

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