Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

We have occasionally seen the boldest of the fashion world sporting the weirdest, most extravagant footwear, clearly designed for style and show, but definitely not for comfort. However, whatever we have seen so far does not even come close to Mandy Roos‘ wacky, outrageous creations, featured in her series “Invasion of the Foot Carrier”. Inspired by tacky and extravagant sci-fi visions of the far off future, her psychedelic shoes are an upbeat mixture of glitter, lamé, balloons, bare toes painted in neon colors and some sort of intriguing gelatinous substance.

The designer’s playful series,expressing old cinema’s naive but optimistic idea of “the futuristic”, with titles such as “Galaxy’s Edge Stargazer”, “Swallowed by Liquids Armus” or “Alienation and Deforming Boba Fett”, is described as “an inspirational vision meant for the fashion industry”, created to inspire, amuse and intrigue.