by Margot Pierce

Meet Natasha Farnsworth, a young self-taught artist born and raised in Arizona, that just loves to paint – on her girlfriend!

Farnsworth began sketching out little drawings while she was grounded for an entire school year when she was a senior. Now, two years later, she paints and draws every day: her creations range from drawings of her favorite popular culture characters like Breaking Bad‘s “Heisenberg” and V for Vendetta‘s “V” to amazing 3D optical illusion paintings on her girlfriend’s back.

“My breaks consist of spending time with my girlfriend and painting “optical illusion” type paintings on her body. These little paint sessions are a fun alternative and challenge at staying focused on my art, yet having a nice and relaxing time with the love of my life. The medium I use to create the body artwork is acrylic paint. It is fairly easy to use other than the fact that it dries pretty fast. I am always inspired by different artists that I admire and long to find my own flair. Until then, I will continue on my art journey and hopefully touch people with my works of art, whether it be on canvas or my girlfriends body,” Farnsworth wrote on BoredPanda.