Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

If there is one thing the public can’t get enough of, it is cute animals and their crazy and cute photos and videos. Especially in the case of dogs, photographer Sophie Gamand has found a very interesting subject for her pictures, as well as a medium to explore human nature through its comparison and examination of mankind’s best friend. In her series Wet Dogs, the French artist has visited a groomer’s shop and captured her furry models mid-bath in an assortment of wet, goofy and hilarious poses and grimaces.

Gamand, characteristically, states about her canine models, “Dogs mirror us and say a lot about our own solitude and the challenges we face in human society. To think dogs were the first example of artificial selection is fascinating. That means they stopped being animals a long time ago, in my opinion. Now they are somewhat between animals and humans. They are pets. Companions.”

via featureshoot

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