by Craig Davies

Mikael Theimer is a Paris-born self-taught photographer who just loves taking pictures. As he explains on his website, “it’s not so much the photography, it’s the things I’m photographing, the people my camera allows me to meet, the places it takes me, the situations it puts me in, the stories it uncovers. It connects with the world and its inhabitants. And I love it for it.” And while taking a photograph means that the photographer works closely with his subject, in Theimer’s case his model is a bit shy!

Theimer’s girlfriend is not only shy, but wants to make sure her boyfriend will never get a good picture of her. She keeps on finding creative ways to hide her face every time Theimer tries to take a photo. And while he never captures her face, these picture are nothing else but awesome!

 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_002 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_003 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_004 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_005 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_006 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_007 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_008 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_009 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_010 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_011 i-keep-trying-to-photograph-my-girlfriend-but-she-wont-l_012