by Melissa Faithful

According to the Daily Mail, women turn into their mothers!

The nightmare of every woman when she gets into a fight with her mother because the latter is -obviously, being unreasonable, is to turn into her when she grows. Well, these 5 pairs of women below prove that when a woman grows older, she turns into someone she knows first hand.

Clemmie, Sara’s daughters, is proud when people say she looks like her mum. “When people say Mum and I look alike, Mum always says that’s terrible for me. But if I can look like her when I’m older, I’ll be happy. She has beautiful bone structure and great skin, which I envy a little as I’m starting to notice wrinkles.”

Sara (62) and her daughter Clemmie (30)

Rhonda (45) and her daughter Darcey (15)

Frances (83) and her daughter Tineka (57)

Esther (73) and her daughter Wendy (43)

Josie (48) and her daughter Jodie (24)