by Agape Charmani

Michael Reedy‘s work is one more artist who attempts to depict his own vision of the human anatomy and body in general. Incorporating notions like life and death into his artworks, Reedy succeeds to create a world that discusses both the physical and psychological aspects of a person, as well as issues like religion and beliefs.

In his series of works, the artist focuses on parts of the self, like its anatomy or even its thoughts and consciousness. Combined with his exceptional skills, his themes work as an inspiration for both himself and the viewer, as Reedy continues his exploration on the form and its special features, while the viewer is drawn to investigate his own body through the artist’s images.

As he explains on his website, he is interested in both the beautiful and the ugly sides of the human condition. “In my most recent drawings I have revisited the timeless themes of life, death, and the human condition. This new interest in the expulsion and the fall of man has been paired with my prior leanings, which have long been rooted in fringe images of the body, medical illustration, ornamentation, dark comedy, and the uncanny. These inevitable aspects of existence bring to mind the most tragic, and most beautiful, images of the body. Where the soft skin of a newborn and my rough patches of psoriasis are the most proximate of neighbors. It is this transitional moment, full of both grace and pain, which I wish to prod and indulge.”

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