Satirical Illustrations Portray How Police Officers From All Over The World “Do Their Job”

Police in Azerbaijan

Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Gunduz Agayev, the cool illustrator and creator of the “Holy Selfie” series, has done it again with a new, provocative set of illustrations depicting police officers from various countries around the world. From Russia to Saudi Arabia, Agayev creates a satirical profile of policemen in countries where law is often bended.

Charging his characters with features of cruelty and corruption, as common people find in them, Agayev creates an original stereotypical portraiture that satirizes police behavior around the world. Often portrayed as good and decent officers, his subjects show how absurd, funny and sometimes very dangerous,  police activity can be.

Police in North Korea

Police in Brasil

Police in USA

Police in USSR

Police in Sudan

Police in Iran

Police in Australia

Police in Netherlands

Police in Russia

Police in London

Police in China

Police in India

Erdogan in Turkey

Police in Arab Emirates

Police in Sweden