Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

These tree sculptures are the creations of Patrick Bergsma, who invites us to a whimsical world of weirdly structured scenes where trees form a space that combines destruction with survival.

The tress functions as homes to people, houses and cars, playing with physics and architecture, while their beautiful shapes and colors create different essences. Their branches shade their guests who look like they’re trying to continue their once normal life, while the sculptures indeed depict a way of living, that even though is limited, it is much simpler and less worrying.

Bergsma’s works ask the viewers to imagine their lives -literally, under these fairytale trees and pushes them to even for a minute, forget about their problems and think of nature.

Patrick-Bergsma-4 Patrick-Bergsma-3 Patrick-Bergsma-9 Patrick-Bergsma-7 Patrick-Bergsma-5 Patrick-Bergsma-2 Patrick-Bergsma-1 Patrick-Bergsma-8 Patrick-Bergsma-6