Some couples choose to seal their union with a ring, while others refuse to marry.
That’s absolutely OK.
Being in a relationship with someone, whether or not the pair has married, is a long-term commitment and duty.
Even when you disagree on something, you still support each other.
When the routine becomes monotonous, you always have someone by your side to share a goofy cat video with.
Alternatively, you may giggle at their antics.

Did you know that sharing laughs with a loved someone has been scientifically shown to keep the lovey-dovey sentiments alive?
Many couples appear to already know the secret to a great relationship, as many have tweeted about the funny scenarios they face in their marriage.
Many husbands and wivesys seem to relate, based on the likes and replies.
Take a look at this collection of humorous tweets that perfectly capture married life.
Is there anything else you’d like to add to the list?


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