by Maria Sofou

Mars may be on the spotlight lately, but with more than 8.400 photos taken by NASA austronauts newly released online, it’s time to “reheat” our fascination with the Moon!

It’s been no more than two days since The Project Apollo Archive  made an update to its Flickr account with thousands of high-resolution photographs taken during NASA space missions from 1969 to 1972 – and it’s massive! Anyone can now see extraordinary stills, from the famous Apollo 11 mission that made Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon, to the latest Apollo 17 mission. American flags, smiley faces, striking close-ups of the Moon, beautiful panoramas of the Earth and many more can be found in this amazing collection that has got us all stunned!

You can see  a sample below:





apollo 9

Apollo 12 Hasselblad image from film magazine 49/Z - EVA-2

apollo 15

Moon shot from apollo 8

apollo 11 having left its mark

Earth from Apollo 11

This is an "Earthset", as photographed by the crew of Apollo 17 during lunar orbit. It's one of Kipp's favourites