In this digital age, using smartphones, deciphering icons, and clicking “like” have become second nature. It’s inevitable that our minds might begin to apply these many technological trends to everyday life. In his series calledCinismo Ilustrado (Cynicism Illustrated), illustrator and designer Eduardo Salles created a series of posters that touch on these ideas as well as other cynical viewpoints with a humorous approach.

Salles confronts ideas of religion, politics, the environment, and popular trends, stating sarcastic facts like “Life is what happens to you while you’re looking at your smartphone.” He reinterprets the average fairy tale, and he dreams of a day when the “Ctrl + z” action can simply delete a bad idea from our history. He maintains a minimalist style paired with witty text that will have viewers laughing, nodding along in agreement, and “liking” many of the amusing concepts.

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Eduardo Salles’ website
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