Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

When most of us hear ‘street art’ we immediately think of large-scale, spray-painted creations of hip, urban beauty, usually discovered on the outer or inner walls of abandoned industrial buildings, or discovered, like hidden gems, in the maze-like alleys of the artsy part of town. However, illustrator and artist David Zinn‘s creations, that adorn the streets of Ann Arbor in Michigan, are of a somewhat different nature.

Zinn uses charcoal and chalk to design cute storybook-like animals, caught up in a variety of urban adventures, making use of the landscape’s occasional characteristics, such as crevices, plants or steps. The artist’s works are improvised on the spot and give off the illusion of his adorable characters being an actual part of their surroundings, brightening up the day of the people that pass them by.

via collosal


whyso_koi_by_david_zinn_800w top secret_admirer_by_david_zinn_800w pharmicey_wall_by_david_zinn_800w missing_the_hat_by_david_zinn_800w light_reading_by_david_zinn_800w grey_wolf_rescued_by_david_zinn_800w dreams_need_anchors_by_david_zinn_800w cat_prisoner_by_david_zinn_800w