It’s never fun to have your car repaired.
Inevitably, the mechanic discovers something that you never suspected was a problem, and your car goes from beloved chauffeur to dangerous weapon.
I don’t know anything about cars, so while I’m always cautious of a mechanic’s advice, I don’t see why I shouldn’t believe them.
One woman, on the other hand, is certain that a mechanic tried to con her, so she made certain that he didn’t get away with it.

Reddit user “drunken-black-sheep” reached out to the “Petty Revenge” forum earlier this month to discuss an interaction she had with a dodgy mechanic.
The 1.4 million-strong r/PettyRevenge subreddit is dedicated to “tales of tiny victories over people who have mistreated you,” and it was the ideal venue for this story.
You can read the entire article below and decide for yourself whether she handled the issue appropriately.

After taking her car in for a simple oil change, this woman was told by a mechanic that she would need to get $1,500 worth of repairs done

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She decided to play along at first and pretended to believe everything the mechanic was telling her


Luckily the woman knew a thing or two about cars herself, so she was able to call out the mechanic on his attempted scam and publicly humiliate him

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Many readers responded in support of how the woman handled the situation

Some even chimed in to share similar experiences


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