Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

If you have always found weather forecasts to be quite passé and a little boring for your taste and you want something more exciting and interactive (and that is excluding the option of actually looking out your window to check th weather), then Ken Kawamoto’s new gadget is the one for you. The Tempescope, as it is called, is a box that works as a weather display, recreating in real-time actual meteorological phenomena, such as clouds and raindrops, as well as mimicking lightning and sunshine, that is to say almost everything but snow. This invention also gives users the chance to see weather for following dates or in other places in the world.
The gadget’s creator and software engineer, Kawamoto, has rendered the schematics and codes for his invention available to people who wish and know how to make it on their own, while he is planning to base its production on a crowdfunding campaign.
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