Let’s get it out of the way: it sucks taking your cat to the vet. It almost always means something is wrong. And even something isn’t necessarily wrong; it still means you have to fight with your pet, in order to get it to the car. Then you fight some more trying to convince it to stay calm at the vet’s table. It doesn’t stay calm. It scratches you, the doctor, and the assistant. It screams, you scream. It’s not nice.

Vets know this. How can they ignore it? Humans hate going to the doctor themselves. And in the following list, we will see that. Vets that understand how stressful it is for people to bring them their cats. And so, they try to lighten the mood, by being funny. By putting up, either some corny “pawsome” puns, or actually hilarious jokes. Some of these are gold! Scroll down and pick your favorite.