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Ty Foster is an American photographer and the creator of a set of images, that depict adorable dogs, that due to an injury, had to put on the cone.

The photographer was inspired from a text message he received from his dad with a photo of his dogs, sitting in the yard. The dogs were wearing elizabethan collars and both looked ashamed and sad, after a vet visit.

The experience of taking your dog to the vet and getting it back home with the addition of a cone, is something people with dogs are more than familiar with! If dogs dislike something is the feeling of things on their necks, while for them, the experience of getting a cone can be compared to the one of being punished.

The photographer here tried to capture the emotions and psychological state of these poor animals and depict their struggle that turns into a triumph against the unfortunate case of wearing a collar, due to injuries or infections.

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