Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

The painting “The Women of Algiers” by Pablo Picasso was sold tonight for 179.3 millions at Christie’s, and became the highest-bid work of Picasso ever sold at any auction. Firstly estimated at $140 millions, the hammer price was set by Brett Gorvy at $160 millions. The bidder -with a phone to his ear, was congratulated by many people in the audience after he managed to beat Loic Gouzer at the final battle.

Painted by Pablo Picasso on Valentine’s Day in 1955, the painting belongs to a series of works that Picasso began creating back in 1954, shortly after the nationalist in Algeria won against the French rule. The painting was sold only once before in an auction, which was won by tonight’s seller for $31.9 millions. In the past, it belonged to legendary art dealers and collectors, such as Victor and Sally Ganz and Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

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The Women of Algiers – Pablo Picasso, 1955