Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Midlife-crisis is not an urban legend. Although not the absolute rule, it is generally known that in a considerable number of cases there comes a moment in life when people look back and wonder what happened to their dreams, their lives, their partners and themselves. This is exactly the state of mind that photographer Susan Copich found herself in, after characteristically noticing that she was missing from the majority of her family’s photos and she decided to give vent to her frustration through art.

Copich created a series of photos titled “Domestic Bliss”, featuring her in various darkly overdrawn, though essentially humorous, family pictures that, in some cases, demonstrate disturbing and quite sinister themes such as parental depression, addiction, unsupervized or neglected children or even genocide and suicide. The artist says about her works, “I use proverbs, idioms, and biblical scriptures as a conduit to reach my inner creativity while grounding it to something real. Social observation continues to fuel my inspiration. The use of humor allows me to mock the worlds I traipse through while permitting the viewer to live vicariously through the character. I project my thoughts into a frozen moment in time, allowing the story to continually unfold in front of you.”

via beautifuldecay

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