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Living in a big city can be a lonely, isolated and neurotic experience. Even though cities are crowded with millions of people, one often gets the feeling of being alone and of not really knowing anyone.

Floriane de Lassee is a French photographer and graphic artist who, driven by that feeling, created a series of photographs that offer a different perspective of a city’s residents. Through Inside Views the viewer gets a peek from the keyhole, inside the lives of strangers. The glamorous, urban existence is deconstructed, while its subjects are captured during moments of  peace and inactivity.

De Lassee penetrates the windows and captures the rooms and apartments of random people. Sitting in their rooms, resting or looking from their balconies, these people seem to be still against the rapid movements of the city, but totally fit the solid background of powerful buildings.

As she states on her website, the photographer doesn’t want to capture just one particular city. She wants to characterize all cities that share common traits and emotions, and explore them. “In the high insomnia megalopolis, splashed by stunning lights like so many islands of solitude, a heart beats, fragile, human,” she says. “It is the product of the Man’s excesses, his genius, his madness. The City exceeds the overflow. She is about to devour us.”

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