We are in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. At the Hochrhrein Musikfestival. The “Cappella Gabetta” orchestra, was performing there. A hand-picked team of highly qualified musicians, with brother-sister duo, Andres and Sol Gabetta at its helm. One of the members of this hand-picked team is musician Maurice Steger.

The “Cappella Gabetta” was playing a vivid Vivaldi piece “Recorder Concerto in C Major, RV 443”. After a few seconds we see Mr.Steger, at the drop of a dime, step up and complete several solos. He looks like a true virtuoso delivering those demanding solos. His amazing skills; leave one, in awe.

As seen in the video, the musician simply rested for a few bars, after an exhausting solo, and then got back at it! Enjoy!