Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Like any character in a movie, or in real life, a married German businessman had once a brief affair with his his married secretary, Margret. The couple saw each other from 1969 to 1970 and the legacy of their relationship was discovered 30 years after their last encounter.

Amongst the records of the couple’s affair are objects the businessman kept, like a lock of hair and an empty birth control blister-pack. The most freakish evidence of it is the man’s “journal”, in which he typed intimate and graphic details of his relationship with Margaret, a relationship that reads emotionless and superficially sexual.

Apart from creepy objects and appalling diary pages, the suitcase included many photos of Margaret before and after their intimate moments. Even though the journal entries give the feeling that these two had an exclusively carnal relationship, the photos hint at a tender time between the two lovers. And what’s a good story without some secrecy, sex and drama? After the businessman’s wife found out about the affair, she confronted Margaret who got furious, with the businessman forcing his wife to apologize to her.

Some nerve!

via dangerousminds

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