The ghost of the reader, 1902

Who doesn’t like to read right?

Well, many people don’t, but for the sake of this article let’s praise that magical moment a person shares with his book. That feeling of getting lost inside a good mystery or a passionate love affair.

Unfortunately many people’s relationship with books is going through a rough patch due to the social media era and the convenience of an iPad or a Kindle. Back in the early 1900s thought, for the cultivated people all around the Western world, books were today’s latest smartphone.

Below you’ll find some beautiful vintage photos of people of the early 20th century, enjoying their books, as found in vintag.

Relaxing in the Dead Sea in the early 20th century


Lewis Carroll, aged 25, June 1857
The walking library, London, England


Tourists at the Frauenkirche, Nürnberg, Germany, 1904


Two beautiful ladies reading together, 1920s
A donkey and a girl reading together


A girl reading


A young girl reading on a ladder


Window reading, 1915
Children selecting their books at the East Ham Public Library, 21 April 1934


Cute dog standing with back legs to read newspaper with its owner


Family reading time


Infantry pioneers reading newspaper on the Western Front in October 1916


Little girl reading with elephant


Relaxing in the Dead Sea, 1916


Two cute children, 1908


Reading in the roof garden at Adelaide House after lunch, 12 June 1937


Reading the newspaper in the garden, 1914


Reading to monkey


Reading together on the porch, July 1922
A boy reading in a bombed bookstore, London, 8 October 1940