by Agape Charmani

Shohei Otomo is a modern day artist whose drawings are modern depictions of the Japanese culture, influenced by traditional Japanese art.

Taking us to an extravagant, dark Tokyo, Otomo tells the story of mysterious, corrupted people, driven by violence to create even more violence. Combining fantasy with reality, the artist creates a much different world that what most people think of Japan. The calm, spiritual environment into which Japanese culture unfolds, is here replaced by girls in pop kimonos and police officers doing drugs.

Satirizing the mentality of Western people about Japan, Otomo presents a modern face of the Asian country as a comment to pop culture and an inside joke for his Japanese audience.

Graphic yet bizarrely composed, here are the works of Shohei Otomo.


 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing- Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-1 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-2 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-4 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-5 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-6 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-7 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-8 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-9 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-10 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-11 Shohei-Otomo-Drawing-12