Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

After his wife left him in an almost empty apartment, Rafael Mantesso found comfort in the company of his bull terrier. Jimmy Choo was named after his wife’s favorite shoe designer and Rafael came closer with Jimmy and started taking random photographs of his best friend.

One day Jimmy layers down in front of a white wall. Rafael grabbed his marker and drew a new world around Jimmy. That was it! Rafael found purpose in art and his will to live returned.

Following his first instinct, Rafael continued to create amazing portraits of Jimmy. He created eye-catching, humorous illustrations that find little Jimmy doing all kinds of crazy things. From dreaming of shoes to turning into a DJ, Rafael’s canine friend looks like he had some amazing visual moments with a little help of his boss.

 jimmy-choo-bull-terrier-illustrations-rafael-mantesso-1 jimmy-choo-bull-terrier-illustrations-rafael-mantesso-13 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier1__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier2__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier3__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier4__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier5__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier6__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier7__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier8__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier10__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier11__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier12__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier13__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier14__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier15__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier16__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier17__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier18__605