Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep A Project

Meshology is a photography project that -literally, captures both its subjects and the viewers. A brilliant collaboration between French photographer Dimitri Daniloff and German CG Artist Sven Hauth.

When I came across this project, at first I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. It is all so confusingly illustrated, yet beautiful and captivating. This series of images combine two very popular and equally amazing sports, Tricking and graphic designing. And even though I’m more than sure you know what graphic design is, I’m not so confident about Tricking. As you see in the images below, Tricking is a form of exercise that combines martial arts with gymnastics; something like the parkour of free spirits.

Daniloff’s photographs capture the photographer’s human subjects while they practice Tricking, testing their physical boundaries. The images were taken during various Tricking sessions on the beaches of Spain with the Asociación de tricking Vila Real, where young people practice the art combining elements of parkour, dance, and gymnastics and how they contort their bodies mid-air.

Hauth later weaved virtual nets that trapped the young trickers, delicately caressing their bodies. The hammock-like illustrated sculptures wrap around the bodies of the athletes and create surreal, acrobatic moments of entanglement, that challenge the viewer to explore the images and find on their own the truth and the possibilities in this work.