Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Sleep is one of the most essential and -let’s be honest here, awesome things in a person’s life. The average person sleeps over 22 years in total and this is why one should make every single second count.

Ööloom is a sleeping mask that can help you both relax and enjoy your time sleeping, and even not want to take it off in the morning. It comes in many colors and sizes, or should we say, animals. Mihkel Virkus, Karmen Heinmaa, Johan Kallas and Jan Plaan created a series of “face blankets” to offer people the chance to the ancient power of wild animals, that unlike humans, never had any trouble sleeping.

We can’t tell whether these accessories do contain a special sleeping power, but they could definitely help with going to bed cheerful and with the determination of getting a good night’s sleep.

via boredpanda

loom-face-blanket-its-a-blanket_002 loom-face-blanket-its-a-blanket_003 loom-face-blanket-its-a-blanket_004 loom-face-blanket-its-a-blanket_005 cute-animal-sleeping-masks-ooloom-5 cute-animal-sleeping-masks-ooloom-6 loom-face-blanket-its-a-blanket cute-animal-sleeping-masks-ooloom-12 cute-animal-sleeping-masks-ooloom-11 cute-animal-sleeping-masks-ooloom-14