By definition, an artist is creative and imaginative but in the case of Stefan Brusche creativity has maxed out. This inventive artist literally turns regular bananas into magnificent works of art.



Bear in mind that he doesn’t turn his back on other fruit. No. It is just that bananas appeal to him more. And who are we to argue?


You see, choosing only one theme as the basis of your art is hard already. Limiting your choice makes it ever harder. This is what we love about Stefan. He likes a good challenge.


He says that everything started with Instagram, a few years ago when he just wanted to post something, so he found the idea of posting a banana appealing only if he drew a little happy face on it.


So he did on a banana peeling. He found it delightful to draw on it. That was only the beginning! He did the same thing the very next day but this time he drew a pissed-off face.


Then, he thought up new ideas for drawings while using the shape of the banana ingeniously and in all possible ways. Eventually, he started carving the banana, too.


He explains that the drawings on the bananas is the means to show what he really likes or cares about most.


There is no ulterior motive or plan. He just draws whatever idea comes to his head at that time.


He has a favourite subject, though. It pleases him to make Bible bananas to point out his fascination about this book.



Looking back,he says that when he started, he used whatever could fit in a banana shape. His inspirations back then? Popular movies and animals.


What do you think?